Feature Film & TV

  • 72 Productions/The Weinstein Company
    Inequality For All
  • Actual Films
    The Rape of Europa
    The Island President
    Afghanistan: Hell of a Nation
    Democracy Afghan Style
    They Drew Fire
    The Nobel: Visions of Our Century
  • AfterImage Public Media
    American Jerusalem
  • Bernal Beach Films
    The Self-Made Man
  • Berry Minott Productions
    The Illness and the Odyssey
  • BrunoFilms
  • CBS Television Studios
  • Centre Street Productions/Sundance Channel Home Entertainment
    Searching for Paradise
  • Children’s Television Workshop
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Clarity Films
    Have You Heard from Johannesburg series:
    – The New Generation
    – Hell of a Job
    – The Road to Resistance
    – Free at Last
  • Cleareye Productions
    Wedding Cake
  • Columbia TriStar
    The American Gangster
    The True Story of Glory Continues
  • David Coggeshall Productions
    Tell Me A Story
  • Disney / ABC Television Group
    Off The Map
  • Dotcomix/Protozoa/BBC
    Sister Randy
  • Ginzberg Productions
    Soft Vengeance: Albie Sachs and the New South Africa
  • Hello Hooker Productions
    Red Diaper Baby
  • Interloper Films
    We Live in Public
  • Jacob Productions
    Runners High
    Ready Set Bag
  • KQED
    The Josh Kornbluth Show
  • Libra Films
    Always My Son
    Family Acceptance Project
  • Marc Webb
  • Marvista Entertainment
    A Christmas Kiss
  • Meadow Point Motion Pictures
    A Bit of Bad Luck
  • Mike Lars White
    Steve’s Problem
  • Millennium Films/The Weinstein Company
  • Peaches Christ Productions
    Children of the Popcorn
  • PerlePress Productions
    50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus
  • Pigdog Films
    Nail Polish
  • Quixotic Projects
    Love & Taxes
    Mathematics of Change
  • Runaway Films
    Double Dare
  • Shaun Kadlec Inc.
    Born This Way
  • Small Fortune Films
    Family of the Wa’a
  • Smartgirl Productions
    Atomic Mom
  • Sony Picture Classics
    Haiku Tunnel
  • Strand Releasing
  • The Revolutionary Optimists Production
    The Revolutionary Optimists
  • Thompson Films
    This Dewdrop World
  • Tory Belleci
  • Touch The Wall, LLC
    Touch The Wall
  • TriMark Pictures
    Swimming with Sharks
  • White Dwarf Productions